Raw Foundry X Orange Tree

Raw Foundry is envisioned to play a vital role in promoting creativity, innovation, professional development, and community engagement within the design education ecosystem.

It serves as an inclusive space where final year design students and recent graduates can learn, grow, collaborate, and showcase their talents while contributing to the enrichment of the broader design community.

The shortlisted entries will get a chance to showcase their works at the Raw Collaborative 2024 and collaborate with Orange Tree Homes.

Regenerative design thinking and approach in product design can lead to the development of more sustainable, resilient, and socially responsible products that contribute to the well-being of people and the planet. It offers a pathway towards more mindful and holistic design practices that prioritize regeneration and stewardship of natural and social systems.

The parameters for the Raw Foundry encompass originality and innovation, material exploration, sustainability perspective, cost-effectiveness of design and development process.

The gallery will showcase 10 shortlisted works (fully developed products by the students) from a wide range of design disciplines, styles, techniques, and concepts, fostering a culture of responsible design, creativity, experimentation, and collaboration.

Proposal Submission Format:
  • One slide with statement of intent & detailing the concept.
  • One slide presenting form exploration, material usage and the proposed design.
  • The submission must include a minimum of 2 Lifestyle Products including Furniture, Accessories, Textile, Lighting, Visual Arts.


Year of Graduation
Email ID
Instagram Handle
Portfolio URL
Proposal (PDF)